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Date: August 25, 2022

A Message to the fans:

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I continue to be greatly humbled by the outpouring of support I am still receiving following my parting of ways with the Timberwolves.  It has meant so much to me and I can’t say thank you enough.
I will admit the last couple weeks have felt strange, beginning with the NBA schedule release on August 17th.  For 10 years that day was so impactful on my life as I learned what my crazy schedule would look like.  So it was quite odd not having it be a seismic event.
The following day the Timberwolves announced the hiring of Michael Grady as the next person blessed enough to call himself the TV voice of the Timberwolves.  As you might imagine, it was a very emotional day for me.  And while my heart was filled with sadness and my eyes occasionally filled with tears, I chose instead to focus on the joy and gratitude I felt at having been fortunate enough to have held that position for a decade!
I do not know Michael Grady but I genuinely hope he finds just as much happiness in the role as I enjoyed.  Michael had nothing to do with the decision that led to my being displaced so there is no reason for me not to wish him great success.  I know he is in great hands with Jim Petersen by his side and countless other amazing people supporting him behind the scenes.
As for me, I have been fortunate enough to pick up some occasional freelance work in the Bay Area at NBC Sports.  I will be returning to doing some Pickleball announcing in September (including with Tennis Channel).  And I am networking with a number of media outlets in hopes of securing some additional play-by-play opportunities.  Hopefully I will have more to report soon.
Until then… thank you again to all of you!

Date: May 10, 2022

A Message to the fans:

As most of you are aware I was recently informed Bally Sports North will not be bringing me back as the TV Play-by-Play voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves next season.  The last several weeks since being informed of this decision have been trying to say the least.  While I am still deeply disappointed I am also extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to have been on the call for 771 Timberwolves broadcasts (769 of which were alongside my “brother” Jim Petersen).  I would like to thank everyone at Bally / Fox Sports as well as the Timberwolves organization for having entrusted me with my dream job in the first place.  
I still don’t know what the next chapter will be but I do know I have been humbled by the support I have received from Timberwolves and NBA fans from across the globe.  I never could have imagined so many people so demonstratively jumping to have their voices heard in endorsing my work.  I am so, so thankful and appreciative of all of it!
I am equally grateful for the texts, phone calls and emails I have received from so many of the people I have had the pleasure of getting to know in some capacity over the last ten years.  To all the people across many different spectrums associated with broadcasting and/or the NBA who reached out… THANK YOU!  
I was especially moved by the many folks I have never met who went the extra mile to find my email and send me letters of support… some of which I have decided to share here on this site. Never could I have expected any of this!
All of you have helped bring some brightness into what has otherwise been a dark time for me personally and professionally.  I can’t express enough how deeply grateful I am.
You have all helped me believe there is something good waiting for me.  I look forward to that next opportunity!
Dave Benz