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Hey Dave!

From a lifelong wolves fan just wanted to send a big “thank you” for your time as our broadcaster. I am so heartbroken hearing the news today. Your calls are completely woven into the fabric of my fandom for this team, and the sport of basketball.

You and Jim have helped make some years of brutal basketball still enjoyable to watch, and it was so fun hearing your excitement as we mutually enjoyed the rise of the wolves together.

I’m not sure what your next endeavor will be, but I have zero doubts you’ll do great. I am so jealous of the lucky fanbase who gets your talents next + we will miss your calls so very much.

All the best,
Just wanted to drop a note to sh a rre how much my family enjoyed you on Timberwolves broadcasts. My wife is really broken up as she is a big T-wolves fan and really liked the back and forth between you and Jim P.

Hope you find meaningful use of your talent and experience!!

Thank you

Doug and Tina
Hey Dave, really sorry to see your news ... you were a constant soothing voice connecting me with Finchy and the Wolves for the past year plus! Really gonna miss you ...

Hope our paths cross again one day and, if you’re still in Minneapolis when I finally get over, would love to catch up ...

Good luck mate

I was sorry to hear the news Thursday and wanted to wait a couple days to write.

Your work is outstanding, and while I'm sure it's no comfort just know you were respected by your peers.

Be well and I wish you the best in whatever comes next.

Mr. Benz,

First I’d like to say thank you.

Thanks for being a fantastic voice for the Timberwolves. I have truly enjoyed your voice and commentary so much over the past decade. I’m absolutely sick after reading about BS’s incredibly puzzling decision. As someone who has watched Wolves and MN pro games since I was a little kid back in the late 90s, I gotta say that you’re one of the absolute best in all my time watching local MN broadcasts.

There’s a collective gut punch being felt across the Wolves’ fanbase right now. I was shocked when I read the Tweets and I still am typing this. it’s not too late to fix this mess and they need to figure it out so you and Jim Pete can resume doing what we all want you guys to do. We all wanna hear you guys announce together.

You’re a part of the ascension of this franchise,It doesn’t make any sense. My friend, please know that we’re all hurting about this. I had no plans of writing you but this is not a sensible decision and it needs to known.

I hope to see you next fall sitting next to your partner for season 11. This is a hiccup in your journey, I truly believe it. Stay strong man, you really do have a hell of a life. Overall, I’m sorry this has happened.

Sending peace and love,

Hey Dave,

Just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite callers of all time. Been a Twolves fan since the KG days. From now on every time Ant goes up for a jam, KAT for a tomahawk, whatever highlight happens, i will have your voice in my head. I still have the emphatic “Ants can kill!!!” call when he posterized Gabe Vincent in my head. Thats one of the great calls for the ages. Or “Boss man 99 just got fired!” when we played the Suns this year. Unbelievable calls. I will miss you, my family will miss you, this wolves community wants you back so bad - im on the wolves reddit community and everyone unanimously has love for you.

You dont remember this im sure but it was about 4 years ago, i just moved to Minneapolis and passed you talking a walk around lake Bde maka ska on a busy day. I realized it was you after i passed you, and gave you a “Lets go Wolves!” And you waved back. That was pretty cool. Anyways, i hope to run into you again around town. Mlps, the Twolves, and all the fans stand by you through this. Words cannot express how fun it was to see watch you and Jim.

Wishing you the best of luck! And maybe if the stars ever align, see you next to Jim again - rooting on the Wolves!


I am so sorry to hear the news. I am 86 years old and living in Scottsdale. I have the NBA ticket and did not miss a single broadcast this year. I grew up in Minnesota, I had season tickets for several years. I have admired your enthusiasm, work ethic, loyalty and sense of humor since you have been on the air. I also have appreciated the Wolves team of Lea, Marne, Kevin,Jim and Glen. All of you are such terrific people with so much class. I cannot believe you are being let go. I believe the "higher ups" have made a terrible decision With your talent I am sure you will move on to better things! We will really miss you.
Tom and Mary Kay
Hey Dave,

I was just reading the athletic article, I am sorry to see you go but I am sure you will land on your feet. I enjoyed working with you the last 10 years and the last 5 working with you a lot.

I look forward to following your career for years to come, you are a good man and deserved better.

Good luck and stay well.
I hope this gets to you Dave. I recently heard the news of your replacement as the Timberwolves play by play announcer. As a lifetime wolves fan we have had many great announcers, I even met Tom Hanneman one time and despite his legendary status with the wolves you instantly put us all at ease and filled the role of the voice of the wolves. I feel it is unanimous amongst wolves fans the heartache that we will no longer be able to hear you calling games. As you surely know it has not been easy to watch the wolves in the past, but you always provided intelligent and witty commentary to make the games entertaining. I will hope that you will someday be back in the booth next to Jim Pete. Anyways just wanted you to know on behalf of all the wolves faithful and everyone I've talked to that we love you Dave Benz, and thank you for entertaining us and giving us great memories with your enganging and legendary commentating.

Thank you!

Joshua Siegfried