Since 2012 Dave Benz has had the great fortune of living his professional dream as the television voice of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s a position Dave was being groomed for long before he even realized he wanted to make sportscasting his life’s work.

From an early age Dave was surrounded by sports. Some of his earliest memories as a child involve attending minor league baseball games in Syracuse, NY with his father, Louis. In the really early days Dave was more concerned with locating the popcorn vendor or sno-cone guy than actually watching the games but he eventually came to appreciate and love the sport. As a pre-teen he even developed a friendly relationship with a Toronto Blue Jays prospect (and future NBA champion) named Danny Ainge!

His love for sports eventually extended to basketball, football and hockey. Yet, as passionate as he was about sports, it never dawned on Dave that he could make a career covering them. Despite a high school background that included writing about sports for the school paper and reading morning announcements over the PA system, Dave chose to attend college at Rochester Institute of Technology as an electrical engineering major. That experience didn’t last long. After just one year Dave knew engineering wasn’t for him. He transferred to Onondaga Community College where he took his first sportscasting class which created a spark that ignited an inferno. Dave knew what he wanted to do and made achieving his dream of working in sportscasting his life’s pursuit.

Dave’s road to calling NBA games was long and winding. During summer breaks from studying broadcasting at OCC, and later Oswego State University, he volunteered as an on-air personality for the student radio stations at Syracuse University. He also worked multiple internships at Syracuse area TV and radio outlets before earning his first paycheck in the media industry. Those checks came in jobs that included working as a morning show producer for a classic rock station, part-time crew person for the local cable station and eventually as a sports producer and fill-in sports anchor at WTVH-TV.

Dave’s first full-time job in broadcasting came in 1994 as the Sports Director at the ABC affiliate in Utica, NY. He then went on to work in local or regional TV in Green Bay, Miami, Dallas, Indianapolis, Denver, Washington (DC), and San Francisco before landing the Timberwolves job. During his career Dave has covered nearly every major event on the sports landscape including the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, NHL Playoffs, Olympics, Indy 500, Masters, US Open and All-Star Games.

While most of Dave’s work has been in TV he is no stranger to radio having held roles as both a play-by-play announcer and sports talk show host in many markets including Green Bay, Dallas, Denver and San Francisco.

Dave’s current work as the TV Voice of the Timberwolves is a perfect fit for him as he considers basketball his truest sports passion. That’s not to say he doesn’t still love many, many other sports. During the NBA off-season he cherishes opportunities to cover everything from the Olympic Games to Minnesota Twins Baseball, to the US Open Pickleball Championships and more.

When he is not working Dave most enjoys spending time with his son Brendan as well keeping fit by working out regularly. Like most Dave also enjoys traveling, an occasional round of golf and covets the rare nights he gets to spend relaxing at home.